Deposition Rule #6 for Florida Divorce

In our continuing series of blog posts about how to handle yourself at a deposition in your Florida divorce, we come now to Rule #6 - Be Careful What You Say During A Recess.

During a recess in your deposition, or even while in the building before or after your deposition, you must be very careful of who can hear you talking. The only thing that anyone other than your lawyer should hear you say while you are in that building is what you say while under oath or something that has no impact on your case, such as "Yes, I would like a cup of coffee."

In the career of any expert St. Petersburg divorce lawyer, there have been many occasions when the lawyer has heard the opposing spouse make comments before a deposition or during a recess and has been able to use those comments against that spouse. There is a natural tendency to have your guard down at a deposition in a Tampa divorce or paternity case when you are not under oath. The best advice is to keep your guard up from the time you get to the building until the time that you leave.