Computer Hacking and Divorce

A majority of computer users are aware that there are computer hackers out there trying to break through your computer's security features and gain access to highly sensitive and personal information such as online passwords and bank account records.  Most people would expect that from unknown entities trying to fool them into sending money to a wealthy overseas businessman promising a huge payoff to the sender, but not so many people would expect it from their spouse.  However, we are seeing more and more instances of parties in Florida family law cases being victimized by their spouse in this fashion.

There is a program being used by spying spouses called "Divorce Trojan Horse."  It acts similar to the more commonly known "Trojan horse virus."  When uploaded on a user's computer, it records every keystroke on your computer and the perpetrator is able to view and record all the user's e-mails.  Such activity is illegal under the Florida Wiretapping Statute, Florida Computer Fraud Statute, and the United States Federal Wiretapping statutes; however, this type of computer software program is available to the public. 

If you are thinking of pursuing this means in order to gain access to your spouse's computer records, or e-mails, DON'T.  If you believe your spouse is capable of such activity, or you are noticing your computer acting strangely or access to your own e-mail being restricted, it may be prudent to change your e-mail address password and other passwords.  It may also be helpful to set up a new e-mail account that your spouse does not know about in order to correspond with your Tampa family law attorney or others about the case.