What Happens to Joint Credit Cards After My Divorce?

This topic was recently discussed by "The Credit Guy" in the Rapid City Journal.  A woman who went through a divorce wrote in with a question about what to do now that a credit card company is now seeking to sue her for a debt that her ex husband incurred after her family law case.  "The Credit Guy" had a lot of very useful information for the woman who was facing a lawsuit from her old credit card company.

This article highlights something that most people do not think about when they are going through a family law case.  Just because two parties agree in a marital settlement agreement, or a family law judge orders one party to assume what was once a marital obligation (such as credit card debt), the creditor is not bound by that order.  They can seek relief (sue you), if you are still listed as a debtholder.  If possible, it is best to either pay off marital debt or make sure that creditors have released you from your joint obligation prior to finalizing your divorce case.