What Happens if I Have to Move Away, and My Child Remains With My Ex?

Computer technology has advanced greatly in the past twenty years.  Years ago, if a parent had to move away from their former spouse and child, telephone contact and writing letters was the only way to maintain contact.  With the advent of the internet, cell phones, skype, and so on, the family that is separated by distance is no longer restricted to infrequent visits. 

Florida Divorce law recently caught up with this new technology.  New laws allow a court to order electronic communication between a parent and a child.  The court must first consider if the communication is in the child's best interests and whether or not the technology is available to the parent and child.  The court must also consider whether there is a history of substance abuse or domestic violence.  The presumption is that it is in the child's best interest to communicate electronically with the other parent if no other outlet is available.

While these new means of electronic communication are not as good as seeing your child in person, they are better than the old options.  Contact an expert Florida divorce attorney to discuss these, and other issues.