Will the Court Temporarily Modify My Timesharing and Child Support Due to My Military Service?

In cases where one parent is activated to military service, and timesharing and child support are at issue, the activated parent may worry about parental rights.  What will happen to the children during my time away?  Does the activation alter my rights to my children permanently?

The Florida divorce courts will not permanently alter timesharing or child support while one parent is deployed on active duty in the military.  The courts are specifically not allowed to modify any issues relating to the parties' minor children, except on a temporary basis.  If the court does temporarily modify timesharing or child support, the court is obligated to reinstate the previous time-sharing order when the parent returns from active duty or deployment.

The rules of Florida divorce regarding temporary changes to timesharing or child support, as stated above, do not apply to permanent change of station moves by military personnel.

Bottom line:  If you, or your ex-spouse is facing a move due to military reasons, you should contact an expert Tampa divorce attorney to discuss your issues.