When Can I Request a Child Support Modification?

Child support is calculated by a specific mathematical formula, set forth in Florida Statutes Section 61.13.  In your initial divorce or paternity case, the court used this calculation to determine the amount of child support owed.

The Florida Family Law courts are required to modify child support whenever the original child support amount differs from the current financial situation by 15%, or $50 per month, whichever is greater.  There are many reasons why the amount of child support should be modified.  If one or more of your children either have been emancipated, reached the age of majority, or reached the point specified in your original child support agreement, you can move to modify your child support obligation.

If either spouse's income has increased or decreased enough to be deemed a "substantial change in circumstances", your child support amount could be modified.  Also, if your out of pocket expenses for child care, health insurance, or uncovered medical expenses has changed significantly, your child support amount may be modified.

If your child support case falls into any of these categories, contact an expert Tampa Divorce Attorney to discuss modifying your child support obligation.