Do I Need A Forensic Accountant?

Throughout the course of a Florida divorce each party will have to face different choices regarding the preparation of their case.  Depending on the complexity of the issues in a particular divorce, the parties may face the question of whether they need to retain the services of a forensic accountant.

Forensic accountants are trained accounting professionals that can provide an array of services for parties going through a family law case.  Forensic accountants can assist in many different facets including, but not limited to; the review of financial disclosure, calculating support guidelines, conducting business evaluations, addressing a standard of living analysis, and assisting the Tampa family law attorney in reviewing and analyzing financial documentation.  Depending on the issues of the family law case the forensic accountant may act as an expert and may offer testimony regarding their findings.

Each party should address the pros and cons of retaining a forensic accountant with their Tampa divorce attorney.  Depending on the case facts, the expense of the forensic accountant may be necessary as crucial evidence could not be properly reviewed without the services of an expert.  Therefore it is highly recommend that any party in a Florida divorce discuss the benefit of a forensic accountant with their family law attorney to ensure their interests are being protected.