What Reduces Your Income for Child Support in Florida?

When calculating child support in your Florida custody case, your income is the most important factor. Just about anything that you earn will be considered as income.

Before child support is calculated, however, there are certain things that are subtracted from your income. They include: income taxes (federal, state and local), federal insurance contributions or self-employment tax, mandatory union dues, mandatory retirement payments, health insurance coverage (excluding children), court-ordered child support which is actually paid and alimony paid to a previous spouse or the spouse in the current divorce.

Only after these reductions are made will the child support guidelines be calculated to determine just how much each spouse should contribute to the support of each child.

The child support guideline calculations take up several pages in the actual Florida Statutes. The best Tampa divorce lawyers will have a computer program which will make for an easier calculation of the amount to be paid.

Bottom line: Consult with your expert Florida family law attorney to arrive at a precise calculation for the amount of child support which is appropriate in your situation.