How Does the Cost of Childcare Affect Florida Child Support?

When the court calculates how much child support will be paid in a Florida Divorce or a Florida Paternity case, there are many factors which are taken into account.  One of these is the cost of childcare.

First, your expert Tampa Family Law Attorney will assist the court in determining how much basic child support should be paid based upon the net incomes of the parents under the Florida Child Support Guidelines.  Then the court will add the cost of health insurance for the children. 

Many people pay some sort of childcare for their children.  This will be considered in the child support calculation, but only if it is necessary to enable one parent or the other to get to work.  The next step, then, would be to add this cost to the required full child support of the children after deducting a straight 25% amount.  The reason for the deduction is that the Internal Revenue Service allows a tax credit for a portion of health insurance attributable to the children.

Once this is added to the basic child support amount, the court is closer to giving the final Florida child support amount to the parents.

Bottom line:  The mathematical child support calculation includes the cost of childcare for the children and your expert Florida Family Law lawyer can assist in this calculation.