Should You Settle Your Florida Divorce Case?

You have decided that your marriage is broken and can't be fixed.  You have hired an expert Florida divorce lawyer and provided endless details of information about your financial and personal matters.  Your divorce lawyer has collected volumes of detail about your spouse's income and assets.  Your deposition has been taken as well as those of your spouse and all the witnesses in the case.  When and how do you decide to settle the case without going to trial?

There are many considerations to think about before deciding to resolve your Florida divorce.  First and foremost, you must have all of the information about every aspect of your finances and parenting skills and those of your spouse.  You must also have explored what expert witness are needed to provide information to the court and followed up to get that information.

Only when you have all of that information are you able to make the important decisions in reaching a final resolution with your spouse.

Next you must weigh many other factors which are personal only to you and your needs.  How anxious are you to end the controversy?  Are you willing to wait and let the judge decide all or some of the issues?  Can you afford to fully litigate the case?  Will you be spending more to go to trial over an issue than you would gain if the court rules in your favor?  Have you fully explored with your expert Tampa divorce lawyer all of the possibilities of what the judge might rule?

Only when you have done all of this work are you ready to make the decision of whether to settle your Florida divorce.

Bottom line:  Let your Florida divorce lawyer guide you through the process of deciding when to settle your divorce.