How Much Child Support Do Wealthy People Pay?

In our practice, we represent clients from all different economic levels.  We have represented many professional athletes, entertainers and business leaders who have incomes most people only dream about.

Florida law requires that divorced people pay child support according to the state's Child Support Guidelines.  For the very wealthy, this can lead to unintended results.  For example, does the unwed mother of a two month old child really need the $17,000.00 per month child support guidelines amount which is calculated based on the celebrity father's multi-million dollar income?

Our courts have deviated from the guidelines in these cases in a concept called "good fortune child support".  Instead of just looking at the child support guidelines, the courts look at what the child actually needs.  Many times, this results in a trust being created for the child so that there will always be sufficient funds for private schools, sports lessons, vacations, tutoring and the like.  In this way, the child support money is sure to be used for the child and not the other parent.
Bottom line from this Florida Divorce Attorney:  Wealthy people pay child support under different rules than other folks.