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We Take Your Divorce Seriously.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn. With the right approach and the representation of an attorney experienced in the nuances of Florida’s divorce laws, you can be confident in the outcome of your case. At Robert Sparks Attorneys, we take these matters seriously.

We recognize the tremendous impact that decisions regarding custodysupport, and property division can have on your life, which is why we give these matters the weight and attention they deserve. Our Tampa divorce attorneys are here to guide you to the best possible outcome.

Expert Counsel for Every Aspect of Your Divorce

Any divorce – mediatedcollaborative, or contested – will involve difficult choices that will affect every aspect of your life. Divorce cases are even more challenging when children are involved. Our Tampa divorce lawyers know how to help our clients see the bigger picture and offer counsel based on our professional experience, as well as Florida statutes and legal precedents.

No case is too complex for our divorce attorneys in Tampa. Own a business and want to make sure it is protected from your spouse during a divorce? Are you a homemaker who sacrificed your career so your spouse could pursue theirs? Maybe you have a child with special needs who you want to ensure receives the care he or she needs. No matter the circumstances surrounding your divorce, we commit ourselves to every case and get serious results.

We handle all types of divorces in Tampa, including:

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Tampa Divorce Lawyers Consultation

What to Expect at Your Divorce Consultation

If you are considering divorce, an initial consultation with our firm could provide you with vital information about the process ahead. We can go over the divorce process as it applies to your unique situation, ensuring you are aware of your rights and have a thorough understanding of the court process. If we accomplish that, your case will run as smoothly as possible.

Even if you and your spouse decide not to divorce at this time, the team at Robert Sparks Attorneys can provide you and your spouse with a plan for the future and helpful guidelines on how to avoid conflict in the future if, later on, the marriage doesn’t work out.

Discussing Case-Specific Aspects of Your Divorce

Just as no two families are identical, no two divorces are the same. You and your spouse might have questions that apply specifically to your unique situation. During your divorce consultation, your attorney will discuss any and all case-specific issues, including relocation, modification of previous divorce orders, division of specific assets and more.

Other important factors you may wish to discuss include:

  • Timelines and procedures for your divorce
  • The jurisdictional aspect of your Florida divorce
  • Child and family issues, such as custody and support
  • How your assets and debts are likely to be distributed
  • Attorney’s fees (one spouse can pay for the other’s)
  • Whether or not alimony would be appropriate

With highly experienced divorce lawyers on the team, Robert Sparks Attorneys is here to provide vital and necessary information that you can use and apply to make your divorce less stressful and complicated. Knowledge is very important, and it is paramount that you educate yourself so that you can make informed decisions and take action when necessary.

Can I Get a Second Opinion On a Current Divorce?

Our divorce lawyers are always happy to provide second opinions to individuals who may already have retained a divorce lawyer, but are unsure if they are getting the best deal. It is in your best interests to ensure that every aspect of your divorce is handled appropriately.

Our team at Robert Sparks Attorneys can give you a second opinion consultation if you have any type of question or concern about your divorce, including if:

  • You are filing for divorce pro se (doing it yourself).
  • You are filing for divorce and using a different attorney.
  • Your son or daughter is the one filing for divorce.

Schedule Your Tampa Divorce Consultation

When you meet with one of the divorce lawyers at Robert Sparks Attorneys, you will be able to make sure that the process is going smoothly and as it should be. The Florida legal system can be difficult to navigate; let our experience work for you when you need it most.

The knowledge you will gain in a one-hour consultation with a Tampa divorce attorney is priceless. Discussing your problems and receiving solutions and information on how to face them is invaluable when you are considering a divorce or going through a divorce.